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The MIP School of Business - Politecnico di Milano is organizing a new event in the MBA Global Sailing League: the MIP CAPRI Regatta.

The MBA Sailing Clubs’ main event welcomes the world’s top Business Schools to enjoy an extraordinary long weekend of sailing and fun.

Three days sailing between Procida and Capri, including entertainment and celebrations with
MIP Sailing Club!

Sailing, Sea, Fun...

registrations open until April 30th 2022

Sailing, Sea, Fun... these are the 3 words that we have in mind organizing the 2022 MIP Regatta in the fantastic location of the archipelago of Neapolitan islands (Procida and Capri)!

Arrival in Procida Isle: Thursday, May 26th. At 16:30 the first Skipper Briefing will be held, which will sanction the rules of the sailing activities.

In the evening the dinner will be cooked by the chef Marianna Vitale, Michelin Award Chef Donna 2020

On Friday there will be the first Regatta from Procida to Capri, where there will be a shore game (which will give points in the final ranking). 

On Saturday, the second Regatta around Capri will define the final race classification and the winners’ podium. 

In the evening, you can join the conference with special guest of nautical world that will be followed by the Awards Ceremony. The Gala Dinner will close the evening and afterwards all in disco to dance!


Departure: on Sunday, you can have the chance to visit Capri or to arrange a trip to Naples or to see some of its magnificent surroundings (Pompei, Procida, Ischia, Herculaneum, Amalfi, Positano...) before going back home.

For more information:

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MIP Capri Regatta
institutional sponsor
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MIP Capri Regatta is organized with the Patronage of Comune di Procida and Comune di Capri

Yacht Club Capri


The island of Procida in the Bay of Naples won the title of Italian Capital of Culture 2022.

The tiny island, admired for its lively architecture and vibrant colored houses, came in first place thanks to its presentation "La Cultura non Isola", or "culture does not isolate" (playing on the word for ‘island’ in Italian).

Procida will see the start of MIP Capri Regatta 2022 with the race of Friday that will bring the sailors from Procida to Capri where, after the race of Saturday, MIP Capri Regatta will finish its activities with a Conference and the Prize Giving celebrations.
An unique occasion to visit the island , Italian Capital of Culture 2022
Logo YCC.png

The Yacht Club Capri, born in 1999 as an Amateur Sports Association, organizes and promotes sailing events and fascinating appointments .
In 2020 the Yacht Club Capri has started a project of renewal with a new organization to realize its prestigious objectives. From the Sailing School to prepare young people and adults for sports and international competitions, to environmental sustainability dedicated to preserving the delicate ecosystem of the island, from social commitment to the organization of different events throughout the year. In 2021 the YCC renovated its Lounge in the Marina in Marina Grande, where sporting events and glamorous evenings took place.


The use of TracTrac technology*, a world leader in regatta tracking, will bring significant benefits in several issues.
The use of an algorithm to calculate compensated times in real time will ensure the technical level of the regatta, even if the used fleet of boats is not one-design type.
The level of competition will be increased by the possibility of having the ranking updated online at each halfway point.
The possibility of using virtual buoys (managed by the application) will make it possible to divide the long races scheduled into several segments in order to have a more articulated composition of the final classification to always guarantee a high level of competition.

* Technical Supporter di MIP Capri Regatta 2022

Women will be the protagonists of the collateral events at the MIP Capri Regatta.
We will be able to meet a PhD from the Politecnico di Milano who will talk to us about her work on the monitoring of pollutants in coastal and river waters, on the management and sustainability of marine ecosystems and on issues related to the fight against marine pollution in collaboration with San Diego University in California.
The protagonists of the conference will be female entrepreneurs in the nautical sector (including sports) who will discuss with a representative of the MIP on the presence (more appropriate to speak of absence) of the female world in the "technical" positions of that environment and in universities.
Speakers will be prominent personalities from the engineering and technology sectors, as well as from the academic field.

The Confindustria STEAMiamoci project recalls the concept of self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is based on the awareness that gender diversity is crucial to social growth and a cornerstone of corporate productivity, competitiveness, and innovation.

Far more, strategies concerning diversity are crucial to company development and its capacity to retain the best human resources in a global competitive world.
STEAMiamoci  aims to

  • Encourage the presence of girls in the STEAM areas
  • Counter the gender code and break down the walls of prejudice

  • Support families and schools to stimulate and foster awareness and autonomous choices in girls

  • Promote a culture of mutual respect, involving the male part of our society

  • Institute a permanent observatory that, starting from the status quo, aims to both define actions and monitor progress

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