Carol Maione
Carol Maione.jpg

Carol is a natural scientist, doctoral researcher at Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy) and San Diego State University (San Diego, California). Her work is focused on

  • multi-level monitoring and dynamic modeling of material flows and pollution cycles across the industrial and natural systems;

  • role and relevance of technology (e.g., monitoring technology, recycling technology) in enhancing a circular economy for plastics;

  • impacts of anthropogenic pollution on coastal communities and marine-dependent activities.

Research interests: marine pollution, microplastics, material flow analysis, remote and proximity sensing, pollution cycle monitoring, ocean and coastal management, underwater survey, and citizen science.

During the conference of Saturday night, Carol will talk with us in live streaming from San Diego State University about her studies related to the fight against marine pollution.

Sabrina Malpede
Dr Sabrina Malpede is a co-founder and Managing Director of ACT Blade Ltd. Dr Malpede has nearly two decades of experience in the design and marketing of innovative solutions. ACT Blade represents a technological step forward in the ability to harness wind power, offering the lightest, most modular and most controllable wind turbine blade in the market. The ACT blade design and flexible manufacturing processes exploit the aeroelastic science and expertise previously employed by Dr Sabrina Malpede, in the sail design for racing yachts competing in the America's Cup. In ACT Blade Ltd, she has the overall responsibility for strategic planning, delivery, and communication.  In Sept 2020, she was awarded with a European Tech Women Award in the CleanTec sector.  She won the Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2003 and a SMART Scotland award for her development of a novel product in the field of rig design in 2004 (now marketed by SMAR Azure Ltd, her first venture). She has an Honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Federico II in Naples and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Glasgow. She attended several exec-ed courses from London Business School.